Are You Aging Faster than You Think

In this month’s (June 2016) Men’s Journal, an article by Joe Hooper explains in layman’s terms the importance of knowing the physiological age of your major organ systems.  Each of the three men, age 39, 59, and 82, learn which of their systems is older or younger than their chronological age and what can be done improve them.  Each of them learns some surprising things that change the way they are going to approach their supplement, medication, and exercise regimens.  I hope you find it interesting and invite comments and questions.

Read the full article here: Are You Aging Faster than You Think?

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Joseph Raffaele, MD is an expert in Age Management Medicine, and founder of PhysioAge Medical Group, in New York City. He is also a world-renown speaker, writer, and instructor in Age Management techniques.

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  1. Thanks for posting a link to the article, it was an interesting read. I just don’t know why age is always such a shocking thing for us. It is natural after all. I understand that we want to be physically active and fit as long as possible, but we will age and it is nothing to be too afraid of. Technology is getting better and we are better understanding why we have problems with our bodies. The solution make sure you see your doctor and make sure you are eating healthy and exercising.

  2. For someone who sounds so physically fit, I’m surprised Joseph’s cardiac system tested like that of a 72-year-old. I’m not quite as old as Joseph, but I have heard that starting age management treatment when you are still relatively young can have preventative benefits. Some of the men in my family have had heart attacks, and I don’t want that to be me. Thanks for sharing Joe’s article; it has really motivated me to think about my physical age rather than my chronological age.

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