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Tokyo Telomere Talk

Tokyo Telomere Talk

I am very pleased to have been a part of the Japan Institute for Advanced Telomere Medicine Symposium last week (5/18/17) in Tokyo. My friend and colleague, Bill Andrews PhD, and I delivered talks addressing the role Read More

Are You Aging Faster than You Think

Are You Aging Faster than You Think

In this month’s (June 2016) Men’s Journal, an article by Joe Hooper explains in layman’s terms the importance of knowing the physiological age of your major organ systems.  Each of the three men, age 39, 59, and 82, Read More

New Understanding of the Importance of Sleep

This fascinating research into the brain’s “glymphatic system,” which functions as the house cleaner of the brain, is beginning to provide a deeper mechanistic understanding of why 7-9 hours of good quality sleep is so important Read More

Second TA-65 Cohort study paper published online

The second paper describing the effects of TA-65 and a comprehensive health maintenance program has been published online on pubmed. In it we demonstrated that the program reduced total and LDL cholesterol, fasting glucose and insulin, Read More

How to prevent holiday weight gain

A little holiday weight gain may not seem too bad, if you plan to lose the extra pounds after New Year’s. In reality, most Americans never lose the weight they gain during the winter holiday season. Read More

Danish Study Shows HRT Cuts Heart Disease by 50% without Cancer Risk

Just a week after being disappointed by the KEEPS trial report,  I am delighted by a new Danish study demonstrating very positive results for recently menopausal women on long term HRT.  The study appeared in the Read More

Monkeys on Monk Diets Don’t Live Longer

Will you live longer if you stick to a diet that severely restricts your calorie intake? Some longevity researchers have been working on that theory since the 1980s,  hoping the answer is yes. But the largest Read More

Latest HRT Study Needs a Critical Eye

Here’s the  latest entry in the decade-long debate over the benefits and risks of hormone replacement therapy in post-menopausal women: A report from Boston that says women who take hormones for more than 10 years have Read More

Stanford Opens New Front on Immune Aging

There’s probably no aging process more intricate than how our immune systems gradually make our bodies more defenseless. That’s what makes it one of the most fascinating and important frontiers of research in the world of Read More

The Myth Decade: Hormones, Breast Cancer and WHI

The Myth Decade: Hormones, Breast Cancer and WHI

Do hormones cause breast cancer? Over the past decade, this is by far the most common question I’ve heard from women trying to decide whether to take hormone replacements to reduce the symptoms of menopause and Read More